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Discovery Flight

What is a discovery flight?

Stepping into the world of flight training is easier than you think!  Perfect for future pilots, adventurers, or those looking to gift a unique birthday present.

A Discovery Flight is an introductory flight anyone can take!  You don’t need to be a pilot or have any idea about aviation.  This flight is approximately 1 hour in a private airplane with a capacity of 4 seats (a Cessna Skyhawk or Piper Warrior).  Your discovery flight will be out of Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ, and will give you beautiful views of the entire Phoenix valley and beyond.  You will be accompanied by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) the whole time who will take off and land the airplane, however the rest of the flight you’ll get to fly the airplane yourself! 

Whether you’ve wanted to learn how to fly and become a professional pilot or if you just want to check an item off your bucket list, this is the flight for you.  It is intended to familiarize you with the airplane, the sensations and sight picture which come from being in the cockpit, and with the joy of aviation. You’ll have a Certified Flight Instructor with you at all times showing you the ropes and letting you fly.  This means you get to sit in the pilot seat (left side) and fly as much or as little as you want.  Your instructor will execute a safe takeoff and landing, and then you’ll have the opportunity to do all the flying with expert guidance.

Your discovery flight in the Phoenix area is completely customizeable for the casual flier you take a 1 hour tour around the valley.  For people ready to jump right into lessons, you can head to a “practice area” and learn the basics of controlled flight.  Either way, you get to fly the airplane and have the time of your life


Discovery Flight

Out of Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ (KFFZ). Schedule is subject to change based on aircraft availability, weather, etc.
YOU get to fly the airplane for 1 hour!  This one hour flight with an instructor is loggable time towards a pilot certificate, or you can simply sit back and relax!  Included in the package is the use of an aircraft, fuel, and a headset.  You're welcome to take pictures or video, and if weight allows, you may have a back-seat passenger to share in the experience with you.  There's no commitment to engage in flight training past your discovery flight... just relax and have fun!

To book a discovery flight, please click the button below to place a deposit. ONCE YOUR PAYMENT IS COMPLETE, click the "Return to Merchant" button to be redirected to the scheduling form.  This is basic information we'll need to schedule your flight.

$165including airplane, instructor, and headset
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