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The DWA Difference

Mission Statement:

DW Aviation was founded to provide the safest, most accessible and enjoyable, and highest-quality flight training and aviation services in Arizona.

Experiencing the freedom of flight is one of the greatest joys imaginable.  Whether you watched airplanes as a kid and grew up flying model RCs or this is your first time thinking about becoming a pilot, you’re in the right place!  Shortly after being founded by Dan Weecks, DW Aviation, LLC (DWA) became an FAA authorized air-tour and flight training provider.  We put many students in the pilot seat to discover aviation, train for different certification levels and purposes, or to take memorable sightseeing air-tours around the Phoenix valley to experience breathtaking moments from a new perspective.  

Since DWA is based in Phoenix, Arizona, the weather is great year-around and perfect for flight training and sightseeing.  Being able to just hop in an airplane as a Private Pilot and travel anywhere in the country for the cost of rental and gas is a truly incredible feeling.  That is why Dan Weecks, Chief Pilot, founded DW Aviation, LLC.   This company was founded on the principle that the freedom of flight and joys of aviation should be accessible to everyone, regardless of upbringing, education level, or other circumstances.  Dan modeled DWA’s concierge à la carte services after gaps he noticed in his own flight training experiences with instruction provided, safety, professionalism, and transparency.  His mission when founding the company was to offer a full range of à la carte flight training and air-tour sightseeing services to clients which are priced competitively, while still maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, DW Aviation, LLC shifted its business model to being an online remote ground school provider, to educate students anywhere in the country. Our goal is to provide clients a safe, professional, and enjoyable space.  The process of becoming a pilot is not an easy one and may in fact be the hardest thing you’ve ever done… but also one of the most rewarding!  That is why every step of the way, our professional instructors will be there to assist, guide, and instruct you.  We can guide you along the way and help you build a great instructional team so that at the end of your training, you’ll be able to walk into any checkride (your federal certification exam) as a confident, proficient, and prepared applicant.

The first step is to schedule a discovery flight, and then decide if aviation is for you.  DW Aviation is not currently offering discovery flights, but most flight training providers will be able to help. These flights require no commitment from you to pursue any flight training or flights additionally.  Due to the uniqueness of DW Aviation’s business model, we are able to provide ground school training for a variety of aircraft and certification levels.

Customizable Services

As an a la carte educator, DWA is able to provide a wide variety of customizeable ground school services, when appropriate and in accordance with FAA regulations. This means if you own your own airplane, a DWA instructor may be able to provide some advanced ground school instruction with you!  Advanced Scenario Training is perfect for individual owners or already certificated pilots who are looking to become more proficient and safety oriented on the flight deck.

Perfect Safety Record

DW Aviation, LLC and its instructors have never have had an FAA Accident or Incident.  DWA also has enrolled in a voluntary complete DOT drug and alcohol testing program for ALL contractors and employees.  The aircraft owners with whom we work with and their aircraft have been thoroughly vetted, reviewed, and checked for quality.

Training with the Intent to Train​

Flight training under 14 CFR Part 61 all too often feels like an unstructured waste of time and money.  That is why at DWA, we believe in providing our clients the benefit of educational ground school, written lesson plans and guides found on our Resources page, and a set of detailed policies and procedures.  This saves clients time & money during training.

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Office hours:Monday — Friday: 8.00am - 4.00pmHolidays: Closed*No flight training is currently being offered, online remote ground school only.

Phoenix, AZ metro area

Post Office Box #1702Sun City, AZ 85372

DW Aviation, LLC was established in 2018.  Since then, we have worked to provide pilots the highest-quality professional training, a variety of professional aviation services to clients, and have maintained a perfect safety record.

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