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We know that flight training is hard and expensive!  Founder Dan Weecks created DW Aviation, LLC after his having gone through flight training himself.  This company was founded on the principle that flight training and knowledge should be accessible to everyone, regardless of upbringing, education level, or other circumstances.  Dan modeled DWA’s boutique flight training services after gaps he noticed in his own flight training experiences with instruction provided, professionalism, and transparency.  His mission now is to offer a full range of à la carte flight training services to students which are priced competitively, while still maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism.  In fact, Dan is so committed to helping students learn about aviation that DW Aviation, LLC offers a FREE library of resources available to anyone interested in aviation.  These resources can be found on the “Resources” page.

The DWA Difference

Flight or Ground Instruction

*Block rates available
With 20 or more hours paid for up front, your instruction rate will drop to $70/hr.  That's $100 in savings every block!

*Stage checks and mock oral rates are not eligible for block rate discounts.  Instruction available anywhere in the United States, however travel and additional fees may apply if outside the Phoenix, AZ area.

Start Training

Discovery Flight

Schedule is subject to change based on aircraft availability, weather, etc.

YOU get to fly the airplane for 1 hour!  This one hour flight with an instructor is loggable time towards a pilot certificate, or you can simply sit back and enjoy the view!  There's no commitment to engage in flight training past your discovery flight... just relax and have fun.  Discovery flight will take place at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ (KFFZ).

$175including airplane and instructor

Flight Review

For either of a BFR or an IPC, this is the required deposit (3 hours of instructor time at $65/hr + 2 hours of aircraft booking at $70/hr).

Flight reviews will feel similar to a checkride because we believe in dedicating as much time to you as necessary to ensure you're a safe, educated, and proficient pilot.  Aircraft and ground/flight instruction will be billed in hourly increments.  Instruction available anywhere in the United States, however travel and additional fees may apply if outside the Phoenix, AZ area.

Book Now
Other à la carte Services include:
  • Private Pilot Training (from never having been in a cockpit to becoming an FAA certified Private Pilot)
  • Instrument Rating Training (add-on rating to fly IFR)
  • IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)
  • Commercial Pilot Training (Ground & Flight Training)
  • CFI Training (ground school, FOI and flight training, and spin recovery training)
  • CFI-I add-on or Initial Training
  • MEI add-on or Initial training (aircraft must be provided)
  • Glass Panel/TAA Training
  • Advanced Safety Scenario Training
  • Dirt or Unimproved Surface landing training
  • Safety Workshops to groups or individuals
  • Flight Reviews
  • Drones (sUAS Ground and Flight Training)
  • Public Speaking about aviation and becoming a pilot
  • Video Conference Remote Ground School Training
  • High Performance Endorsement (ASEL)
  • Complex Endorsement (ASEL)
  • High Altitude Endorsement (aircraft must be provided)
"Dear Dan,..." "In addition to your technical expertise and ability to work well with others, I was impressed with your pleasant, productive manner." "It was a treat to experience the hard work, expertise and dedication you put into each of your projects. I appreciated having the opportunity to work with you and would hope to do so again."
Barbara Barrett
Secretary of the Air Force, United States of America
“I’ve only known Dan for a few short months, but in that time I have learned more from him than I thought possible. Dan’s organization is out of this world, and his overall flow and use of acronyms really helped me take my flying to the next level. Dan really knows his stuff and I would definitely recommend DW Aviation, LLC to anyone considering aviation as a part of their future.”
Andrew Acton
Student Pilot
“I enjoyed training for my PPL under Dan. As a beginner, Dan helped me to become comfortable with the aircraft and went above and beyond with coaching me through ground school. Flying with him really helped me to become less nervous and he was there with me every step of the way.”
Alex K.
Student Pilot
“Thank you for the amazing experience! Highly recommend everyone take their discovery flight with DW Aviation!”
Devin J. Del Palacio
Tolleson USHD Board Member/NSBA Black Council Chair


DW Aviation, LLC has the ability to travel and provide instruction anywhere within the United States. Most of our flights however take place within the Phoenix metro area.  The airport and aircraft will be selected at the time of booking, based on availability, condition, and your location.  For special travel requests or considerations, please contact us.

Get in touch


Office hours:Monday — Friday: 8.00am - 4.00pmHolidays: Closed*Flight operations are available for scheduling 24/7

Phoenix, AZ metro area

3133 W. Frye Rd., Ste. 101Chandler AZ 85226

DW Aviation, LLC was established in 2018.  Since then, we have worked to provide pilots the highest-quality professional training, a variety of professional aviation services to clients, and have maintained a perfect safety record.

Website Designed by Weecks Productions, LLC | DW Aviation, LLC name and logo are registered trademarks with the State of Arizona.  Copyright © DW Aviation, LLC 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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